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Volumetric Screw Feeder
Metering dry materials accurately and consistently is a priority in any dry material processing system and we ensure smooth movement throughout the feed process. For answers to classical powder discharging problems such as bridging, flushing, Rat holing, degradation & segregation, Digidale Engineering offers volumetric screw feeder for wide range of application for handling most materials at any desired rate
It is difficult to achieve reliable feeding of powders with conventional feeders. It is simple, low cost ruggedly built volumetric screw feeder that provides extremely accurate, dependable metering of wide range of dry particulate materials. The geometry of the trough and screw with agitator effectively de-aerate and contain the powder on initial fill cycle to help prevent flooding. The digidale Volumetric screw feeder U- trough hopper and feed section provides the unique practical and economical means for metering difficult powders.
Digidale volumetric screw feeder working with the principle of mechanical fluidisation and guarantees the problem free discharge in continuous as well as precious batch operation of granular and powdery product such as flour, milk powder, salt, starch, flakes, coal, pallets, bentonite, washing powder and agglomerates etc.
The volumetric screw feeder has only five moving parts, drive, coupling, screw and two bearings and it is virtually maintenance free. An agitator/conditioner screw available in all feeders fills the screw completely resulting in desired feed accuracies.
A 100 litre hopper with sloped sides and large rectangular outlet provides capacity for most surge conditions. Standard units provides feed rate from 5 Kg/ hr to 60 tonnes/ hr. Digidale vision is to provide cost benefits to its customers and provide prompt after sale service.
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