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Digidale Engg. Co. is one of the most popular means of conveying. Simple, cost effective and reliable. The Screw Conveyor originated a long time ago and is an invention credited to Archimedes. Nowadays with the use of modern be used in almost any application. The screw helix can be rolled from a strip of steel to form " Helicoids" fighting or discs are pressed allowing customized flight shapes in thick heavy duty steel. All types of exotic metals can be used in order to resist wear or corrosion. The simplicity of the device means many years of virtually maintenance free service. Inclined or vertical the screw conveyor is a very inexpensive compact system for the elevation and transportation of bulk raw materials.
The key to any successful design is, a through understanding of the characteristics of the material to be handled. This information must be available in order to evaluate the suitability of the screw conveyor to the application, taking into account the action of the screw on the material as well.
Typical applications include grain storage, feed mills, cereal processing and chemical plants. Used for many mining and process operations they can be equipped with heating and cooling jackets. Toxic materials can easily be handled with a screw conveyor because the enclosed trough or tube casing can be made tight enough to contain toxic dust or vapors and reduce hazards to the working and general environment. The material you intend to convey may even be damp or sticky, designs are available for most situations.
The Screw Conveyor has a constant volumetric capacity according to speed. It may be exposed to a head of material and by having a correctly designed flight and with variation in the speed can be used to control and feed equipment at a uniform metered rate down the process stream, eliminating surges in the process. In many situations it is the only device that can be used as a feeder.
A primary advantage is the number of feed inlets and discharge openings that can be provided.
  • Long lengths may be achieved by the use of hanger bearings at intervals, however we prefer where possible to engineer these bearings out due to the maintenance requirements.
  • A full range of sizes for capacities from a few kg per hour kg per hour to 200 T / hr.
  • Ideal for conveying and feeding Grain, Coffee beans, Flour, Cement, Gyphum, Coal Salt, Sawdust, Woodchips etc.
  • A Full enclosed and adaptable to suit nearly all applications.
Screw conveyors are used for powder materials, with low powder coats and a minimum powder emission. They can convey materials both on horizontal and high inclination, up to vertical conveyance. The output of screw conveyors varies from few KGS upto 200 T / h. They are tubular or u through, according to the conveyance system required by the client. Manufacturers DIGIDALE ENGG. PVT. LTD. is able to supply special screw conveyors with anti-abrasive flights or in stainless steel. Transmission units are designed and realized by DIGIDALE ENGG. itself, which produce specific gearboxes for its screw conveyors. Under request, commercial transmission units of different brand can be assembled on the screw conveyors. Shafts supports need a minimum maintenance, assure low maintenance costs and last longer.
Digidale Engg. screw conveyors have been designed to produce a dust tight method of transferring a product from one point to another. Utilising a rotating screw flight ( worm on pipe, auger ) the screw conveyors are available in a range of various constructions ranging from standard mild steel ( suitable for the construction industry )
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