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Side Entry Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary Air Lock Valve
Digidale can help the customer to choose the right valve for any application.We have expertise in developing testing,and specifying Side Entry rotary airlock valves to handle various products like, fibrous, granular, free flowing, and dry materials. The side entry rotary airlock valve is used in airlock applications where product shearing is a problem. This type of rotary airlock valve derives its name from the offset inlet and outlet flanges, where the product enters the side of the rotor instead of the top. On a normal rotary airlock valve, shearing takes place as the rotor rotates into the housing. When these two straight edges meet on a typical drop thru, this provides a pinch area where the product can shear and/or jam. With the side entry rotary airlock valve, the product is caught on the upswing of the rotor blades so that the product is constantly falling away from the shear point. The rotor pockets also do not fill up as completely, additionally reducing the likelihood of shearing. Lastly, the throat has a V shape which helps push product out of the way. Side entry rotary airlock valve sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 inch round./Sq.

Specifications :

  • Side Entry Rotary airlock are used as metering devices for dry free flowing materials of various
  • size shapes,. The capacity of Digidale Side Entry valves varies from 50 kg/hr to 50,000 kg/hr depending on the product characteristics and virtually in almost all industries working under adverse operating conditions of temperature and pressure.
  • Digidale Side Entry Valves are suitable for Coffee, Detergents, Chemicals, Dry foods, Grains, Plastic, Starch, Sugar, Drugs , Flour , etc. These airlock valves have close operating clearances for optimum efficiency They are designed to control the flow in dry solid metering, discharging, and also in pneumatic conveying systems operating under negative/positive pressure differential.
  • Digidale Side Entry Rotary Air Lock sizes ranging from 75 mm to 800mm and are available in various material of construction such as SS-316, CI/MS, SS-304, SS-316.L. Rotary Air Lock Valves are available in Side entry design supplied as per customers requirement.
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